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We are stripping down the existing engine replacing parts where necessary so it runs more cleanly and efficiently. Photos to follow shortly.
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Talking toilets

An area of interest to all boaters. Managing your own waste comes with some interesting challenges. We decided to remove the existing dump-through toilet and (full) toilet tank (Zak and Jeremy are heroes!) the next decision is composting toilet or this space, but in the meantime here is a photo of the toilet we installed in another boat.


Heating is one of the big three challenges facing us (along with propulsion and power generation.) We've considered the options and our current plan is a combination of blown air vented through from the engine into the bedroom and bathroom, plus a multi-fuel stove. The government is aiming to reduce the harmful impact of particulates so choice of model is crucial (DEFRA appoval.) We intend to provide dry wood (workshop waste) for burning as a reasonable option for reducing harmful dust.

The main bed. We're re-purposing an existing mattress for this cosy space.

Progress so far...

We dressed the boat for our open day, using a few choice items (thanks Gumtree!) You can see the original tongue and groove boarding on the lower walls and galley upper walls with surplus softwood t and g on the ceiling. The original window frames have been refitted.

Open day

Our plan is to hire or lend/ hire out the boat for 'taster trips'. This could be for a day, an overnight stay or a few days. Our plan is to attract potential customers by giving them the opportunity to try boating before they commit to commissioning a bespoke boat from us.  This is part of a wider attempt to bring waterway activities to a wider population. The idea was popular at our open day with two groups signing up already! And what was really interesting was our visitors' thoughts about the decor: they were charmed by the re-purposing rather than put off by it.

Dinette plans

We're planning to use this old curved storage unit to make a dinette/ single bed with storage in the galley area.