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Dinette plans

We're planning to use a curved unit to make an unusual dinette/ single bed.
Here are the units as they are at present and a visualisation.

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The worksurface looks fantastic, this is really an example of necessity being the mother of invention, we didn't have enough composite to do a full run so decided to join two pieces. The end result is really stylish and will work well with the small circular undermounted sink and black glass double gas hob.


We're really pleased to have been able to use the salvaged window trims on all but two of the windows. The reclaimed wood looks so nice that we're considering whether to paint it or not.

The interior

The fitout is going well. We've been able to fully lined the boat using the reclaimed t and g plus some surplus painted t and g. We've used surplus blockboard plus some of the existing flooring to build the room spaces.

Exterior paintwork

The exterior is a mixture of colours, we've been able to use some greens and white with red detailing which will give a really fresh look to the boat. Here is a photo of the undercoat.


We have had the boat sprayfoamed for maximum insulation.