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Some photos of the interior

Here are some photos of the boat as it was when we filmed our live stream. If you missed it live you should still be able to see it on our facebook page.

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Painting painting and more painting...

We're using up all of our surplus white paint. It says brilliant white on the tin, lets see what colour it really is! The cat seems to like the boat anyway.


Jan has done a beautiful job on the signwriting as usual. The boat looks good in the sunshine. (Colours were chosen based on surplus that we had in the workshop!)

First trip

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of our working practices. We have one person working on a boat at a time and we are keeping staff away from the workshop where possible. Marjorie is nearly complete but we have decided to move her away from the workshop to our home mooring temporarily so one of us can continue to work on her separately until she is complete.

Talking toilets

An area of interest to all boaters. Managing your own waste comes with some interesting challenges. We decided to remove the existing dump-through toilet and (full) toilet tank (Zak and Jeremy are heroes!) the next decision is composting toilet or this space, but in the meantime here is a photo of the toilet we installed in another boat.


Heating is one of the big three challenges facing us (along with propulsion and power generation.) We've considered the options and our current plan is a combination of blown air vented through from the engine into the bedroom and bathroom, plus a multi-fuel stove. The government is aiming to reduce the harmful impact of particulates so choice of model is crucial (DEFRA appoval.) We intend to provide dry wood (workshop waste) for burning as a reasonable option for reducing harmful dust.